Exclusive amenities for Office HUB Costanera users

We enhance networking through all the Amenities in Costanera Shopping Center, as well as in the Gran Torre Costanera and Torre Vitacura buildings, between different organizations and users of Office HUB Costanera, always looking foward for new businesses, ventures and a unique network of contacts.

Mall Costanera Center

Office HUB Costanera is located in the largest Shopping Center in the region that offers multiple benefits and advantages such as:

- Food Halls: a great gastronomic offer of restaurants and bars

- Hotel

- Cinemas

- Supermarkets

- Department stores

- Services and others

Sky Costanera

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Large Gym with more than 3,000 m2 where Office HUB Costanera users can access through exclusive benefits by coordinating directly with them and showing the corresponding credential.

AC Hotel by Marriot

We have a luxurious Hotel in Torre Vitacura building with spectacular spaces, steps away from the Shopping Center with its shops and the Offices of the buildings. Office HUB Costanera users also have exclusive benefits for rooms at the Hotel.

Bike Rack

We have an exclusive bike rack (coming soon) for users of Office HUB Costanera with changing rooms and services according to the new ways of transportation, reducing the environmental impact and next to the biggest bike path in the country.

Parking with differentiated entrance

We have direct accesses and differentiated parking spaces that allows a fast way to enter and exit the premises with a direct access ramp to the Office Hub Costanera parking spaces. Unlike the usual, it is not required to go through each underground floor to get to your parking space.

Exclusive access to the Towers

Both Towers have exclusive car and pedestrian access, where identification is mandatory in line with the safety of users and visitors.